In business, it is always the little things that get the big results. Our Business Health Check will give you invaluable insights into the many areas of your business. By completing the Business Health Check, you will receive a Report Summary based on your answers, prepared by our team.

  • Best in class systems
  • Cutting-edge Team
  • Destination Of Success (D.O.S)
  • Simple marketing
  • Healthy business culture
  • Predictable cash flow


Is there enough time in your day to get work done?
On average, how many hours do you work a week?
How do you currently manage your workload?
Are you able to spend quality time with the people you care about?
Do you use time in meetings to your advantage?
How do you manage your free time?
How do your employees work together as a team?
Does your team identify with your company?
What level of communication occurs within your team?
What level of understanding do your team members have about their role?
Do you consult your team members for suggestions for improvements?
Do you let your team members know when you are proud of their work?
Does your company stick to a clearly defined budget?
What financial importance would you place on getting new business in the next 12 months?
How often do you complete your financial statements?
How has your profit margin performed this past financial year?
What is your cashflow outlook for the next 12 months?
How does your company set its prices?
Does your company stick to a clearly defined business plan?
How organized are your company\\\'s systems and procedures?
Which of the following best describes your company\'s employee systems?
What delivery and distribution procedures have you implemented for systemizing processes in your business?
How do you test and measure the performance of your business?
What technology procedures have you added to system your business?

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